Hypnosis for LGBTQ+ Men over 30


Did your upbringing prepare you to become a member of the LGBTQ+ Community?   Probably not.  We are usually brought up with the assumption that we will be heterosexual and cis-gender. That is paired with words like “normal” and “straight” and to consider anything else would be “wrong” “deviant” or a host of many other negative words.

Growing up feeling “different” or somehow “not normal”often brings anxiety, guilt, shame, or fear of rejection which can lead to a negative self-image, unwanted or even self-destructive behaviors.  As am LGBTQ Therapist and member of the LGBT Community, I am dedicated to working with LGBT and Questioning Men in an affirming space where becoming who you are (whatever that is) is encouraged.  Hypnotherapy is a wonderful tool for working through many of the aspects and life experiences of being, accepting, or embracing one’s LGBTQ+ identity. 

The feeling of not being able to talk to anyone about this can be quite isolating.  For others, life and career may be otherwise going great yet there is a level of “disconnect” between professional self and personal self – a feeling like you live a double-life or have something to hide.

Using proven methods in Hypnosis and NLP, I help LGBTQ Therapy clients or their family members to re-align their subconscious beliefs with conscious thoughts (sometimes vice versa) and strive for affirmative self-love and acceptance

Tapping into your sub-conscious, we can help you with:

  • Exploring / discovering / understanding your sexual or gender identity
  • Coming Out (to yourself or others no matter your age, marital status, or stage of life)
  • Releasing anxiety, fear, shame, and guilt
  • Eliminating unwanted or negative coping behaviors and habits
  • Discussing sexual issues or goals (relationship, E.D., BDSM/kink, fetish, erotic fantasy)
  • Developing confidence, a positive outlook and sense of well-being and self-acceptance
  • Support for parents who may be struggling with the identity of their LGBTQ+ child

If you have been struggling with any self-doubt, issues or negative behaviors, please consider me to be an ally, mentor and coach to help you become your best self.  Take advantage of a free consultation with an LGBTQ therapist where we will discuss your unique issue or goal and outline an affirming hypnotherapy plan to help you achieve it and recognize (or become) that confident, beautiful and successful person that lives inside of you!

Please contact me for a Free Consultation when :

  • You want to fully accept yourself exactly as you are and how you were meant to be.
  • You are ready to let go of fear or limiting beliefs which hold you back from being your truest self.
  • You are ready to commit to fully participate and allow positive change to happen
  • You want to get out of your head and into your heart in order to be happy with who you are.

Important note:  My area of expertise is in vocational and avocational self-improvement such as self-discovery, achieving goals, releasing fears, anxiety, guilt, shame, unwanted behaviors, and the development of a strong sense of self using hypnosis.  There may be times where your goals or needs may be better met with, or in combination with a licensed psychotherapist or doctor.  Everybody has unique needs and we will discuss this during your consultation to be sure you are in the best place for your needs. 

Also note that hypnosis cannot be used to “cure” or prevent anybody from being who they truly are.  My practice as an LGBTQ+ Therapist is affirmative, sex positive, and I’m here to help you discover and embrace your uniqueness – whatever that may be – and not to “make it go away”. 

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