Hypnosis for Test / Competition Anxiety


You know ALL of the answers, you’ve practiced your routine hundreds of times, but when you are put to the test, everything seems to fly right out of your head!  Like a deer in the headlights, you freeze or panic and your fear of performing poorly becomes your reality!

Too often, our excitement (or fear) to pass that test, perform well on stage, or in an important competition feels like a dream that is just out of reach and might never become reality.

With proven methods, I use hypnosis to help clients overcome their test and performance anxiety and instead maintain all of the calm and focus to achieve the task at hand. Fear is the number one topic that we work to extinguish – paving the way to succeed while remaining present in the moment.

Whether you are taking the Bar Exam, Interviewing for a new job, or preparing to compete in the Olympics – my goal is to help you with:

  • Confidence
  • Focus
  • Absorbing Material Studied / Practiced
  • Energy / Enthusiasm
  • Recall
  • Time Management
  • Sleep
  • Tuning Out Distractions
  • Allocating Limited Preparation Time

If you can see yourself at the finish line, but can’t yet clearly see the path to get there, please contact me for a free consultation.  We can discuss your goals and develop a plan to bring you the success that you want and deserve!

Remember: Our world is shaped by the stories that we tell ourselves.  Your brain’s expectations will become your reality.  Like a daydream, in hypnosis we will tap into your power and desire and align that with your conscious want.  There is no failure – only feedback!

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