Questions About Hypnotherapy with Josh:

Click on the pointing hand below to view answers to common questions.  You may always contact me with specific questions, or sign up for a free consultation so we can discuss your goals and how hypnotherapy can help you achieve them.

It is important to remember that you are the key figure in your results and how many or how few sessions may be needed may rely on your active participation in working towards your self-improvement goal.

Hypnotherapy can be an expeditious and effective method for achieving your goals. The number of sessions needed largely depends on the goal you are trying to accomplish and/or how “stuck” you may be in a pattern or habit that we need to work on.  While some issues can literally be resolved in a single session, I generally suggest that you prepare to have from 3 to 6 sessions spaced about 7 days apart.  For weight loss, the number of sessions is more dependent on your goal and how much weight you want to lose.  Once we have met and I understand more about your particular situation, I can better suggest how many sessions we may need together.  

Clients often come in with one presenting issue or goal, and once accomplished we move on to another in a subsequent session. Some people in high stress positions like to have a weekly or monthly “decompress” where we reinforce stress management tools for keeping calm, happy and relaxed while working at peak performance.

Have at the Ideal Setup for your Zoom First Session PDF for an overview.

You will want to select a comfortable place in your home, office, hotel (if traveling) where you can have calm, quiet place for our meeting.  During our session, you will want to silence your phone and notifications, and eliminate potential distractions from office or household members and even pets. This is your time, so we want to focus 100% on you! 

Ideally, you will have Zoom Meeting App pre-installed on a Laptop or desktop computer with a wired Internet connection (stable WiFi is OK too).  We can also conduct a session from your iPad, tablet, iPhone or other mobile device that can load and run the Zoom Meeting app.  Please test your setup with a colleague, friend, or family member in advance so that you’ll know you are ready and that your internet connection is stable and sufficient.

During our sessions – especially on the first session, I will need to be able to see your upper body including your arm up to the top of your head.  Note that it is not recommended to use a bed as your location as there is a strong association with sleep and you may go too deep and actually fall asleep!

You should be dressed comfortably, be in your work clothes, or in any manner that you would consider appropriate to attend an in-person meeting.

Individual Hypnotherapy Sessions are charged at the rate of $185 USD.  A credit card is required to book and secure your appointment.  If not already paid, your payment will be processed 48 hours prior to your appointment. 

I work hard to serve as many clients as reasonably possible but sometimes have very limited availability.  You are able to check availability and book an individual (or recurring) appointment directly through this website.  After our initial consultation, you would book a “first session” appointment, and book a “returning client” appointment for all subsequent sessions. 

Sessions are 50 minutes in length, however your first session will be approximately 70 minutes as we have additional work to do together as well as review initial paperwork and ensure that you have an appropriate Zoom setup. 

48 hours to avoid a charge. As I work with clients from around the world in many time zones, it is important that you change or cancel at least 48 hours in advance of a scheduled session. At the 48 hour mark, your payment will be processed for your upcoming appointment.  Cancellations made less than 48 hours prior, or a no-show for a scheduled appointment will be charged the full session rate.

Changes / Cancellations may be made directly on (this website) under SCHEDULE menu where your original booking was created.  You will also find a direct link to change / cancel in your appointment confirmation e-mails.

Please understand that it will be difficult to fill your appointment slot with another client at the last minute – even with a proper 48-hour notice.  If you find that you need to change or cancel it is greatly appreciated that you make any change as early as possible.  I will always do my best to accommodate emergencies.

We want to make the most of your time, and we have a lot of work to do over the course of a session!  Losing more than 15 minutes makes that an impossibility and we will not have enough time for a proper hypnotherapy session.

At the 15-minute mark, your Zoom Meeting link will expire, and you will be charged for your session at the full rate similar to a no-show/late cancellation.

I will do my best to accommodate emergencies.  However, please always plan to be available and ready for your appointment 5 minutes before our scheduled start time.  As I regularly have back-to-back client appointments, I need to hold to a schedule and generally do not have the ability to extend a session that begins late.

It is possible for me to travel to your location for a private in-person session, however scheduling and travel related costs will apply. As a result of the pandemic, I have relocated my office to a space that is not conducive to receiving clients in person – so any in-person session would be an outcall to your location.

If there is one thing that the pandemic has taught us, it is that a good hypnotherapy session can be achieved via Zoom Meeting almost more easily than being in person. No driving or drive time. No waiting. All in the comfort of your own space.  Most clients now prefer the convenience of virtual Hypnotherapy! 

It generally makes sense for me to travel to spend the day with a corporate client, however even corporate trainings and employee or team sessions may be conducted via Zoom Meeting.

This can take shape in many ways.  Topics can involve executive stress and well-being, achieving sales goals, creativity, motivation, and teamwork.

I work with senior executives, leadership teams, sales teams, development teams, or your selected key employees to focus on achieving corporate goals, increasing or maintaining productivity while releasing stress as well as removing limiting beliefs, creative blocks, or supercharging motivation.

As desired, I can conduct a general team meeting / presentation, and then hold individual hypnosis sessions with the key individuals to work on goals specific to that employee (with corporate or personal focus as established in our working outline). Up to 6 executive/employee hypnotherapy sessions may be conducted each day depending on objectives and goal.

Sessions may be conducted remotely via Zoom Meeting, at corporate on-site location, or leadership conferences/retreats, etc.  For more information, please Contact Me and select “Business Client Inquiry” from the topic list.

Drugs / Alcohol

There are many forms of addiction and reasons for them, some of which are easily helped with hypnosis and others which hypnosis should be supplement to a primary recovery program (e.g., AA, NA).  Sometimes we may use hypnosis to help you recognize if a perceived “unwanted habit” may be a true addiction or just a bad habit, and then help you find the clarity which may become that first step in eliminating the habit or fostering strength to enter recovery or other appropriate therapy.

Other Addictions

I also work with other unwanted habits and addictions including food, internet/social media, nail biting, sex, shopping, smoking and others.  Often, habits can begin as a coping mechanism and our work will involve strengthening and desensitizing you to the triggers which lead to the unwanted behavior.

On the day of our session, I request that you refrain from consuming alcohol or non-prescribed drugs for the 6 hours before our session.  Substances can alter your suggestibility and may make your hypnosis less effective.  If you have a concern in this area, please bring it to my attention at our initial consultation.

No.  As insurance coverage varies among carriers, I do not take private insurance or do any direct billing.  Charges are due and payable by card by the day of your session.  I can provide you with a bill which you may either present to your insurer or HSA administrator for reimbursement.  If your insurance provider does not cover hypnotherapy services, your Health Savings Account may possibly be used as reimbursement for your sessions.   

Weight Loss and Smoking Cessation are often covered in this manner.  Please contact your provider to determine available coverage or reimbursement. 

I dedicate a portion of my schedule for assist clients on a reduced fee or pro bono basis who cannot otherwise afford hypnotherapy. If you received information about participation in the Success Lab, or would like to be considered, please contact me and select “Participation in The Success Lab” in your contact request along with an overview of your hypnotherapy needs in the comments / information section of the form.

Questions About Hypnosis:

A “Hyp-Replacement” is defined as: “Using hypnosis to replace unwanted habits, limiting beliefs and behaviors with those which empower, motivate and connect one to the best version of one’s true self.”

It’s also a memorable name for a Hypnotherapy website!  The harder you try, the more difficult it becomes to forget!  Could you use a Hyp-Replacement?

Hypnosis is a natural level of consciousness that we experience as we pass from being fully awake to fully asleep. That twilight stage where the mind is still active (about 30 minutes before sleep) is similar to the state that we bring you into for hypnotherapy. It is in this stage that your subconscious mind is most accessible to positive and affirming suggestions.

Hypnosis has always been associated with the words “Deep Sleep” because eyes are generally closed, and it is a very relaxed and calm state. However, you will not be asleep at all, but instead hyper focused and fully in control.

People experience Hypnosis differently. Some may be deep in trance and mind silenced, while others may feel distracted or mentally active even when in the state of hypnosis. These people sometimes report “I wasn’t hypnotized at all”‘ or “I heard everything that you said”. Well, you did…even if you don’t remember everything exactly. In hypnosis, your subconscious mind is our target, and your conscious mind may or may not be focusing or processing what is being said.

There are different depths of hypnosis and deep vs. light trance are useful at different times depending on the goal we are working on or the block we are trying to remove.

At all times, however, you will always remain in control of your actions, thoughts, and behaviors and will not do anything that you would not ordinarily do out of hypnosis.

Please be sure to bring up any questions or concerns with me during your consultation – I’m happy to answer!

NLP, or Neuro Linguistic Programming, provides practical ways in which you can change the way that you think, view past events in your mind, and approach your life (optimism, pessimism, excitement, joy, fear, etc.).

NLP will teach you how to take control of your mind, and therefore your life. Unlike psychoanalysis which focuses on the “why”, NLP is very practical and focuses on the “how”.

NLP works from the starting point that you may not control much in your life, but that you can always take control of what goes on in your head. We can incorporate NLP tools into your hypnosis sessions which can be very effective at updating your life “script” – how you perceive your world, and ultimately how you can respond differently to it – leading to a more successful outcome for you.

Have you ever been working on a task or a project and feel like you are in the “zone” – you tune out of everything else around you and are laser focused on the project you are working on?  Well, that’s hypnosis! So, I can’t say that it generally “feels” like anything although you may feel energized and motivated towards your project.

In general, Hypnosis is a very relaxed and calm state as getting you relaxed and calm also helps you to focus and go into the hypnotic state. Many people report feeling as though they’ve had a full night’s restful sleep upon coming out of hypnosis.

People who are used to being “in control” at all times may find that it takes a little longer to go into the hypnotic state, but they are every bit as capable.

Some people report the feeling as if they are floating in some place or space, while others become aware of their overactive mind with thoughts firing off, grocery lists and errands, meetings to attend and e-mail to respond to all bouncing around in their head. During the session, we dial that “noise” down to bring you to your most suggestible state in order to put the focus on your goals. However, it is normal to have random thoughts passing through you mind while in hypnosis.

At no time should you feel uncomfortable from the actual Hypnosis. A little anxiety going in can be fine I’m here to help you with that. Sometimes our work may even be about turning your anxiety into motivation, excitement and joy!

No. You are fully aware and in control of all of your faculties when you are in hypnosis. In fact, you are more focused than you are in your waking state. You will quickly learn that you always have the ability to come up and out at any time, and you will never take an action that you consider to be morally objectionable.

Hypnosis is not a “truth serum” – you will not say or reveal things that you do not want to reveal. You will not act or behave in a manner that is inconsistent with your core beliefs.

What you may actually find is that you are better able to zero in on your desires and beliefs that are most important to you when in hypnosis that in turn lead you to greater control over your life’s direction.

Short answer: No.

As Hypnosis is a natural state where your mind is calmed and your brainwaves are technically between an Alpha (calm waking state) and Theta (similar to deep meditation or light sleep state), the worst that can happen is that you fall completely asleep and will wake up at the end of a nice nap. However, I am generally guiding your trance level to avoid this.

There may be times where we are in session and a phone may ring, a fire alarm goes off, or the Zoom session drops. As you are not actually asleep, you are able to easily bring yourself out of hypnosis to respond as necessary. I review the steps for doing this properly during our first meeting so that you are completely able to fully bring yourself out of hypnosis quickly and easily.

They are both hypnosis. The difference is how it is being guided and applied for your particular situation. For example, if you need your car fixed you take it to the dealership or a mechanic who has been thoroughly trained, can properly diagnose and fix or replace only the part that is needed. Now, you might be the DIY (do it yourself) type of person and find that while you may be able to fix your car, it may take you 3 times as long and require experience that you might need to learn before you can make the fix. Almost anybody can open the hood to the car (ie., get you into hypnosis), but the mechanic (hypnotherapist) can get straight to work while the DIY individual (You) has to figure out what to do before attempting a repair.

If you wouldn’t be the kind to practice your own medicine or do your own psychotherapy, then you probably wouldn’t want to do your own hypnosis as the primary means of achieving your goal. It is, however, a great supplemental tool that can be very beneficial.

After we have your therapy underway, yes. However, I don’t recommend that you do any “extra” self-hypnosis when we first start out. I often provide you with a recorded MP3 copy of your session to re-listen to as often as daily, but want you to save self-hypnosis for when you’re a little further down the path.

There are times where you may be great at getting yourself into hypnosis, however you might not yet have the “tools” to put the desired focused suggestions in place without letting other unwanted suggestions drift in which may “muddy the waters” – so while Self-Hypnosis will become an excellent tool for you in our work together, I just don’t recommend it when you’re first starting out with hypnotherapy sessions.

I am quite happy to teach you self-hypnosis as we progress, as it will be a great tool that you can always have available.  

Meditation is great! It is very much akin to self-hypnosis – it is a deep Theta brainwave state where you calm your mind and body and get into a similar trance-like state where you become suggestible to thoughts and ideas.

If you enjoy Meditating, we can work on a few things to help your meditation ONLY be beneficial to you and eliminate the possibility of unwanted ideas or beliefs coming into your subconscious mind which can inadvertently occur during free form meditation.  Similar to the answer on self-hypnosis, let’s consider using this as a supplemental tool once you are established with a few sessions of Hypnosis.

Psychotherapy often involves exploring feelings, beliefs, thoughts and relevant events in the conscious mind, sometimes from childhood and personal history, in a structured way.

Hypnotherapy connects to the subconscious mind and focuses more with a behavior and the objective of modifying that behavior to attain a desired outcome – without necessarily going back to the original “why”.

Hypnotherapy is often objective based where we address your presenting issue and send you on your way – it can often be quicker and as effective (or more effective) than traditional psychotherapy for certain issues.

In general, hypnotherapists focus on vocational/avocational self-improvement. We do not work as a primary practitioner with diagnosed or diagnosable disorders, or condition with possible medical etiology – that is where we refer you to an appropriate licensed professional.  Once referred, we often work with clients in conjunction with their Licensed Psychologists / Psychiatrists / M.D.s as hypnotherapy can be a great adjunct to traditional therapy.

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