Josh Kennedy Certified Hypnotherapist

Coming to terms with your LGBTQ+ Identity can be Paralyzing.

I help Men over 30 become unstuck using hypnotherapy.

  • Self-Discovery, Acceptance
  • Coming Out Later in Life?
  • Let go of Stress, Guilt, Shame and Anxiety
  • Find the right Relationship
  • Professional Goals
  • and much more…
  • Convenient virtual sessions via Zoom for busy people.


Help yourself

IF your goal is to understand your sexuality and possibly come out…

IF your goal is to let go of shame and guilt that don’t rightfully belong to you…

IF your goal is to open yourself up to the potential of who you authentically are…

I Can Help You. 

I’m a Certified Hypnotherapist and member of the LGBTQ+ community who has lived a life full of the struggles that you may be experiencing.  I have the wisdom to guide you, and the Hypnotherapy expertise to help you.

As a Gay, Bisexual or Questioning man over 30, you’ve probably found a strategy by now that works for you to “get by” in this heteronormative world.  Maybe you bury yourself into your work.  Maybe you tell people that you’re just not the marrying type.  Maybe you ARE married, and feel like an imposter. 

There’s an underlying feeling of dread.  Deep down you know that something NEEDS to change.

When facing coming out later in life, the first place we start is with your beliefs.  Those things you learned growing up and believe to be true about what it means to be LGBT+.  Usually, they’re not at all positive or uplifting…

We discuss the fear and anxiety, guilt and shame that you may hold and we use hypnosis to help you release that negativity and fear that is holding you back.

Unlike traditional therapy, Hypnotherapy works with both your conscious and subconscious mind to harmonize your beliefs and release inner conflicts which may show up in your life as fear, anxiety, anger, procrastination, eating too much/not enough, or many other things that can range from a bad habit to an addiction.

How would you feel if you believed – from your CORE – that it was OK for you to be exactly who you are and live the life that you deserve as a gay, bisexual, or transgender man?  Without guilt.  Without shame.  Coming out later in life could be the best and most life affirming choice you may ever make.

The world begins to open up for you!

Schedule a free consultation today and take that first step in becoming the person you are destined to become.  This world needs you – ALL of you.

Do any of these sound like you?

If you can relate to any of that, let's talk.


Book and pay for your first session and receive your 2nd session FREE.  Offer is subject to availability and free session must be used within 30 days of your first session.


What I offer

Utilizing hypnosis techniques, I help gay, bisexual and questioning men over 30 explore their truth without the filter of the conscious mind and social dictates to learn from the client what a “best” outcome looks like to them.  The number of session you may need depends on where you are in your process.

Coming out may or may not be a part of your process right now.  It’s a lifetime process and has many stages. I’ll help you with a plan that leaves you feeling comfortable with your choices about who to disclose to and when it’s best to do so.  In a perfect world, you would be “out” to everybody. However, our world is not perfect and sometimes personal safety, family and career issues are a consideration.  We’ll discuss all of that.

As a gay man born in the 1960’s, I’ve seen and lived my share of homophobia, hate, and bullying.  That’s why I’m focusing my practice on helping men who have so far been too afraid or even traumatized by the thought of acknowledging that they might be gay, bisexual or even transgender.  Hypnotherapy is a great tool for coming out later in life, but I also want to lead by example that there is positivity, hope and a meaningful life out there waiting for you regardless of your age, sexual, or gender identity! (ps – I help straight clients and family members of LGBT’s too!)

I work well with clients who are high-functioning and otherwise successful. Sometimes we call them the “worried well”.  Even the worried well can struggle with issues of self identity.  Let’s fix that!


It doesn't need to be complicated.
Every client receives therapy tailored to their specific needs.
But basically, it looks like this…

Step 1


On this 15-20 minute call, we’ll get to know your unique issue and discuss your goals for a successful outcome.  And you’ll get to know me too!

Step 2


I’ll propose, create and implement a therapy plan to help you get on the right track to revealing, becoming or reaffirming that person you are meant to be.

Step 3


Pop open the champagne.  Give yourself a high five.  Buy a boat.  Whatever you do to celebrate big achievements in your life, get ready to do that.

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